Please Enjoy Dr. Wayne Dyer’s testimonial of Chiropractic!

“I am always greeted with a smile and always feel welcome! The best part is the professional service! I am amazed at how effective my treatment is!”
Kay G.

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For those of you who are not familiar with fibromyalgia, it is very painful. It started with my arms aching. It then moved to my hands, finger tips and finally moved to my neck. I couldn’t sleep. The most sleep I got at night was about four hours. For months on end, it just got worse. Then, I visited my sister Mary. While I was visiting my sister, she took me to Oblander Chiropractic. Wow!…What a huge difference Dr. Oblander and chiropractic treatment have made! My whole being is now way wonderful! I get more sleep, I look and feel better and healthier. My life is much happier! Thank you!”
Sandra W.

“I have been seeing Dr. Oblander for a pinched sciatica nerve and mentioned to him that my asthma had been bothering me. he immediately did some adjustments on my upper spine that controls the lung function. After several treatments, I noticed that my breathing is much easier and I don’t use my inhalers very much. I normally would take my preventative inhaler before bedtime and again in the morning. Now, I don’t have to use them at all. I may use my rescue inhaler one or twice a week and that may be because I have overeaten as I also have acid reflux which causes asthma attacks.”
Barbara W.

I was involved in an auto accident two and a half years ago. I was put on pain medications and muscle relaxers and went through physical therapy per the doctor’s request. Had I know then what I know now about how chiropractic can help, I would have come to Dr. Oblander from the beginning. Not only have the adjustments helped my neck and back but it also helped with migraine headaches associated with the accident. Dr. Oblander is a very caring doctor and truly takes time to answer any questions I may have. The thing I like about chiropractic care is it is natural and I am able to go about my day without feeling like I am in a haze as with the pain meds. Chiropractic care is more than just making you feel better when you hurt…it is great for your overall well being.”
Dawn T.

“I have been seeing Dr. Greg Oblander with Oblander Chiropractic for some time now. I see him mainly for my back. I am very satisfied with the treatments. He gives great adjustments and massage. He is very caring and is also a great listener. I would recommend him to anyone that needs or wants chiropractic care.”
Jelena C.

“I appreciate so much what Dr. O has done for my health. I’ve had hip trouble since a little tweak about 4 years ago. I went to another practitioner and got some relief but no real mending. Then, I met Dr. O at one of the home shows at MetraPark, scheduled an appointment, and have been on the mend ever since. The treatments are effective, the roller table is awesome, the staff is superb. I’m so glad to be feeling better every day.Thanks so much!”
Marti U.

“Dr. Greg Oblander provides excellent chiropractic services to an outstanding Billings medical community. He has successfully, thankfully, helped curb shoulder aching and fallen-down hip pains on this seventy plus year old frame. More, his therapies are expertly combined with my personal, clinical requirements. I respectfully recommend Dr. Greg Oblander for any chiropractic service.”
Robert T. E.

“Life as we live it, not only do we collect memories, loved ones and experiences, we also collect chronic pains (we attribute to aging). Dr. Oblander has relieved surprising amounts of low back, mid back, shoulder and upper back pain. I have COPD (Alpha 1 and Asthma). I am now able to take a deep breath without mid back pain. Dr. Oblander has also educated me in how to affect my lower back pain and respective movement with improving my posture. We all need to take more responsibility for our own health. Dr. Oblander and his chiropractic care has helped me with that without the negative side affects of pharmaceuticals.”
Helen N.

“I have been coming to Dr. Oblander for chiropractic adjustments for about two years now. Since I have been seeing him for adjustments, my severe headaches have reduced to one every two to three months, my feet do not hurt to walk on them after sitting for long periods, and my overall general health seems to have improved. I recommend to everyone that I know to come to him and be adjusted. He and his staff are very friendly and strive to help you feel better.”
Cathy A.