We hope you will take a moment to get to know Dr. Oblander and our Staff. Each member of our office staff has seen the miracle of Chiropractic in action and is committed to helping others enjoy the tremendous benefits of Chiropractic Care!

Our Story

You might be surprised to learn that we have not always been a part of the chiropractic community!

In Fact, Chiropractic is not Dr. Oblander’s first career! (But it is His favorite and most rewarding career!)

We believe that Dr. Oblander’s change in career path was truly a work of divine intervention!

It came as a result of answer to prayers on the part of both Dr. Oblander and his wife, JoAnna “Jo”. Dr. Oblander kept feeling in his heart that he needed to pursue more education in addition to the business education he had already received. He prayed to know what to do in regards to further education. His wife was praying to resolve her issues with 24/7 migraine headaches.

In December of 2002, answers to those prayers started coming! Dr. Oblander was guided to pursue an education to become a chiropractor.

In May of 2003, Dr Oblander began his studies at Logan Chiropractic University in Chesterfield, Missouri. He graduated in December of 2006.

A huge bonus that occurred for Dr Oblander and his wife during his time at Logan Chiropractic University was that Jo was able, with the help of doctors at the university, to determine the cause of her headaches. By the time she found her answers, she had suffered with 24/7 migraines for 15 years (MD’s had told her that her headaches were all in her head).

As chiropractic has become a part of our lives – we have witnessed, first-hand, the wonderful things that chiropractic can do. Being that chiropractic looks to address the issues of health from the root of the problem rather than mask symptoms – no one should find that surprising!

Chiropractic also believes in the innate healing ability of the body. It is not a cure-all but it is incredibly powerful and we have seen and experienced the miracles of Chiropractic! Needless to say, we have become huge cheerleaders for Chiropractic and the many amazing things it does for our health! It does wonderful things for necks and backs that are hurting but it also does wonderful things for the health of our entire bodies!